1.     Who is the transfer agent for Crossroads Liquidating Trust?

          American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, LLC
          (800) 937-5449 or (718) 921-8124

          Shareholders, please do not call the (866) 292-9452 number on a statement you may have received or use the mailing address on the same.  Both those points of contact are no longer in use.

 2.     Who is Crossroads Liquidating Trust's independent auditor?
         Crossroads Capital’s independent auditor is Tait, Weller & Baker, LLP.

3.     Questions about changes of address?
        If you are a beneficial interest holder of record and have questions about your account, please contact our transfer  agent using the contact information above.  If your interests are held in a brokerage or custodial account, please contact the appropriate brokerage firm, bank or nominee with questions about your account.